Thursday, December 1, 2011

Surin elephant kingdom annual contracts with mahouts

At Ban Ta Klang, some 200 elephants has been saved from street begging the streets of Bangkok and other cities.

The Surin Elephant Kingdom project celebrated its annual contract with mahouts. , funding 150 elephants for one year, with 8000 Bhat per month for each elephant.

The Pakham is the official ceremeny place in the elephant village
Preparations took place for ceremony at the Pakham, and three elephants were selected, to bring todays guests from The Thai Zooloogical Park Organization in Bangkok.
Officials from The Thai Zooloogical Park Organization arrived for the ceremony. The Zooloogical Park Organization is the umbrella organisation of Surin Elephant Kingdom.
Project manager of Surin Elephant Kingdom in Ban Ta Klang is DVM Wanchai Tunwattana, right in picture with elephant.

The ceremonies are performed by the Mor-Changs, elderly high ranked elephant trainers of Ban Ta Klang
Right is Mr Mew Salangam, head of elephant trainers.   He is one of the five oldest Mor Chang (highranked elephant trainers) of Kui tribe, having the rank Sadam.     On this blog you can read more about Mew:

>> Interview with veteran mahout Mew Salangam, in Ban Ta Klan

Wanchai Tunwattana opening speech.

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