Monday, December 19, 2011

Retire Sambo on Facebook campaign and petition

On Facebook you can visit Elephant Asia Rescue and Survival foundation - EARS retire Sambo campaign, which is open for everyone. It does not only focus on Sambo, you have to scroll down to find relevant discussions about her.
On facebook theres also a more radical Retire Sambo group, which is only open for members, who choose to join the letter campaign.

Another relevant page is Retire Sambo Ban Elephants in Phnom Pehn, with petition letters to be signed.

It has to be remembered though that those campaigns are also linked to websites and persons who lack personal insight in elephants, but still are trying to do political pressure. Some are actually against almost anything, except for a couple of elephants sanctuaries who are accepted, due to their politically correct offical opinions. 

They are totally unaware that you may actually in such sanctuaries find elephants that suffer under similair medical problems like Sambo, and their care are neglected due to various "political ideas" about using hooks.

So elephants are not only suffering because of Greed, but sometimes because of activists different "ethical" ideas  about how elephants should be managed, altgough they never worked with one. We can all be happy that such movemnets has not entered hospitals, and that someone who works on 7-11 tells doctors how to perform advanced surgeon operating, or how pilots hould fly airplanes.

Through Internet today, its very easy to belive that after some years of intensive discussions on welfare groups, you know everything about elephants.

An elephant like Sambo is also gold for many activist groups, such as PETA and likevise, who makes alot of money on expoliting animals which are claimed to suffer. Million dollar budgets are based on different reports of how animal suffers, and their "work" is constant protests against almost everything with animals, including peoples diet and clothes. Those are loud voiced minorities who wants to rule the majorities, often with almost terrorism activities as we have seen before WWII in Europe. I guess we dont find important tax payers withing those extreme groups.

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