Saturday, December 3, 2011

Famous Surin elephants: Plai Srithupthai (ศรีทัพไทย)

Another of Surins elephants, Sri Thupthai, is owned by Pu Jay Mau Sabmak´s son, Mai Sabmak who is 27.

Thupthai is within the Surin Elephant Kingdom project in Ban Ta Klang. Thupthai comes from Lampang and is about 37 years old. May used to travel around with his Thupthai to tourist areas like Catinlay in Pattaya, but has now regulairly income in Ban Ta Klang village, where he also take care of Rasamee and Plai Srimonkol.

Thupthai has sired two babies, one with the name Nudee died after eating bad water melons, the other one, a female with the name Ton Au, was born in Ban Ta Klang by the female Wanjan in November 2010.

Thupthai was also starring in the film The Scorpion King in 2005.

 In 2011, I took several pictures of Thupthai at the Surin festival, where he was painted white.

Thupthai painted white during the 2011 Surin elephant festival.

Closeup at Mais Tattoo
Mai is a pretty good showman with his elephant.

Keeping Thupthais beatiful tusks white and clean.

Thupthai is very well trained, and handled in a relaxed way, almost without hook. He is se reliable so May let him play with blind people and children, as can be seen on the photos.

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  1. Dan,
    This is a beautiful, beautiful boy. Thank you for sharing these great photo's.

    Wade Burck