Monday, December 5, 2011

Famous Surin elephants: Plai Bua Barn (พลายบัวบาน)

Plai Bua Barn is 30 years and owned by Mr. Thongsuk Malingam, and funded by the government provincial Surin elephant study center. Bua Barn was starring in the 2005 Thai action film, Tom-Yum-Goong, by Tony Jaa (Tatchakorn Yeerum).

So far, I have listed 5 elephants, sired by Bua Barn:
  1. Pang Nungning , born 2003.
  2. Janhoam (JJ) born 2003-04-03, staying at Ayutthaya Royal Elephant Kraal
  3. Pang Sakura, born 2005-04-00, staying at Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation.
  4. Bor Thong (Pang Num Khong), born 2007-08-14 at Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation.
  5. Nop Ga Gao, born 2011-01-06.
Nungning, Bor Thong and Nop Ga Gao, were all bred with Boathong (บ่อเงิน, Bor Ngern, Pang Makham) who stayed at Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation 2006-2010.

Unfortunately he was in musth, when I took pictures from him, and I was asked not to go too close.

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