Friday, January 6, 2012

What’s Sambo’s future? (Article in Phnom Penh Post)

What’s Sambo’s future? 

Today the Phnom Penh Post have an article about Sambos future, written by Ou Mom.

Hopefully, this article will widen the debate, and make more people realize, that this elephants really is badly suffering, and need acute competent medical care, something her present owner, Mr Sin Sorn, will never be able to supply. And this puts more responsibility on the Forestry Administration of Cambodia, who have to step in and take resonsibility for the animal, since her owner is neglecting her health.

What the article about Sambo in the Phnom Penh Post doesnt discuss, is the risk of people transmitting bacterial TB to Sambo, and Sambo transmitting TB to people. (my next blog post...)

Read the Phnom Penh Post article:

What’s Sambo’s future?

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