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EM female Buria died 2017-02-24 at Neunkirchen Zoo

Buria at Neunkirchen Zoo

† Buria
ID Number:EEP Number: 7102 - 
Species:Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female 48 years
Dead date:† 2017-02-24
Death reason:age:
Location:Neunkirchen Zoo
ArrivedNeunkirchen Zoo 2010-04-29
from Terra Natura theme park, Benidorm
Terra Natura theme park, Benidorm 2006-07-00
from Port Lympne Zoo
Port Lympne Zoo 1996-05-08
from Chester Zoo
Chester Zoo 1994-04-18
from Port Lympne Zoo
Port Lympne Zoo 1977-06-01
from Howletts Wild Animal Park
Howletts Wild Animal Park 1971-01-01
from Sonepur Mela cattle fair
Born:1969 wild India
In his book The Best of Friends, John Aspinall writes that all asian elephants, except Assam, were bought at the Sonepur market in India.
Records about Buria was updated
2009-09-15:�country origin
2010-05-01:�transfer to Neunkirchen

Sources, among others

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